As You Fill In The Gaps On Each Directional Side You Will Find That The Structure Becomes More Stable.

Starting with two poles on each side, prop them up so that they help support each other. Arrange your support material in a circular motion. Canvas was once the fabric of choice for many temporary outdoor structures. Knowing how to build a survival shelter can save your life. You can place a few branches or sticks sideways at this area weaving them into the outer supports to reduce the height of this opening. Lean-to shelters are the easiest to build and can be constructed from almost any material. Drape it over a pole lodged between two trees, so that each end touches the ground. However, it is possible to pack one of those lightweight silver carps in a backpack and then have it available. Choose one area to leave open for your entryway. Having the supplies for an emergency without having the skills to use them is like not having the supplies in the first place.

We will be ready to host a historic Games." And they will cost a lot less than the last Winter Olympics. Korea will spend $13 billion, nearly four times less than Russia spent on the Sochi Olympics, the most expensive in history. advertisement A white tiger named "Soohorang" (left) and an Asiatic black bear named "Bandabi" (right) will serve as mascots for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. JUNG YEON-JE / AFP - Getty Images Ninety percent of that spending is on the infrastructure that will benefit a region that has long languished as one of the most backwards in Korea. A new high-speed train will whisk spectators from Seoul in under an hour. It now takes nearly three hours to make the journey from the capital. The organizers hope new roads and venues will make the mountainous area in Korea's East a magnet for tourists and skiers from across Asia. The facilities rising fast from Korea's red earth are all within 30 minutes of each other, as Korea aims to hold the most compact and athlete-friendly Games to date. advertisement A map showing the location of 2018 Winter Olympics host PyeongChang, South Korea.

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Conical structures will also provide emergency shelter and while they are a bit more difficult to create can be made from items easily located. All of these will provide some protection from wind, sun, rain, snow and all can be made with items that can be found or carried in a survival backpack. As you fill in the gaps on each directional side you will find that the structure becomes more stable. Wood supported by any upright is also a lean-to. Anchor the ends with rocks and logs and close one end with branches, twigs and leaves. Having the supplies for an emergency without having the skills to use them is like not having the supplies in the first place. Providing shelter during an emergency is as important as water and food will be. Taller supports are tied together at the top forming an inverted ice cream cone shape. While lack of food can kill you in 3 weeks, and a lack of water kill you in three days, exposure can kill in a matter of a few hours!

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